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KIN Autumn 2014 Workshop

Knowing what we know and how we learn

Date: 16/17 September 2014

Venue: Scarman Conference Centre, Warwick University







We all know what we know - or do we? Have you ever found yourself answering a question about a topic and then wondering where on earth your answer came from - you had no idea that you knew that until you were asked?! Or being invited to write down your 'knowledge and skills' and not knowing where to start (or end)?!

This can pose a major problem for organisations when trying to track 'what the organisation knows' or setting up systems to enable 'subject matter experts' to be visible to others. Part of the problem stems from our having little or no understanding of how we learn or how we remember what we know, and the fact that trying to convert this into the 'collective wisdom of the organisation' is like trying to herd cats!

So where should we begin?  The starting point for this event is to explore 'How we know what we know, how we learned this, and how we can best share this with others'. We will explore these topics through a variety of activities including pre-reading, SME presentations, Member case studies, table discussions, collaborative exercises, Q&A and personal reflection time.


Date: Tuesday 16th and Wednesday 17th September
Time: 02:30 pm on Tuesday - 16:30 pm on Wednesday
Venue: Scarman Conference Centre, Warwick University


Contact: Dawn Coton This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 0044 (0)24 7652 4503
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