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KIN Spring 2016 Workshop

Knowledge in Action

Date: 9th and 10th March 2016

Venue: Scarman House, Warwick Business School, CV4 7AL

 knowledge isn't powerscarman

 AT the Autumn 2015 workshop we explored 'Evidence Based Decision Making' and heard from some very engaging and thought provoking speakers and experienced a number of great presentations!


One of the areas that these sessions led to was a discussion on 'how best to present' data, information and knowledge in ways that make them both compelling and memorable.This led to the idea that we should explore the topic of 'visualising knowledge' in  new and innovative ways.

This workshop will be a hands-on, pragmatic event. Encouraging participants to think of new ways to display data, information & knowledge. Using a wide range formats and mediums including hand drawing images & icons and technology based platforms that can turn spreadsheets into more meaningful images than the traditional bar graphs, pie charts & shaded maps widely used today.

Who should attend?
Knowledge Managers
Project Managers
Community Managers
Training Managers
Team leaders and supervisors


Image by kind permission of John Antonios:


"Our goal is to leverage data science in the company without requiring data science skills". Thomas Reichel, VP, KPN (Dutch Telecoms)


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