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KIN Winter 2016 Workshop

Organisational Knowledge in the "Machine Intelligence" era

Date: 7th December 2016

Venue: Scarman Conference Centre, University of Warwick


Organisational Knowledge in the "Machine Intelligence" era

How has human knowledge changed over the ages? In pre-industrial times people needed “know how” in order to learn trade and crafts. Formal education was limited to the few. The industrial age heralded mass education that taught “know what” kinds of knowledge in order to mechanise processes. The post-industrial age – or Knowledge Age – is all about creating new knowledge through the assimilation and interpretation of information, mass communication, collaboration and working productively with others.

But are we now embarking on a completely new “post-Knowledge Age”, where machines are increasingly taking over cognitive tasks?

They can now drive cars, beat chessmasters, beat the best human Jeopardy players, replace lawyers, make medical diagnoses and even develop creative works

 KM’ers need to figure out what their competitive advantage is in this rapidly changing environment. Can we rely on intelligent machines to do the heavy (physical and cognitive) lifting for us, and if so, what does the future hold for KM?

This workshop will explore these and other questions and offer an insight into the emerging landscape of AI, robotics, machine learning and big data analytics in order to discover the future for KM and the KM professional


Who should attend?
Learning and Development managers
Knowledge Managers
Communications specialists
Community managers and facilitators
Training specialists
Change managers



"Our goal is to leverage data science in the company without requiring data science skills". Thomas Reichel, VP, KPN (Dutch Telecoms)


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