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Forthcoming Workshop

KIN Summer 2015 Workshop

What is Knowledge?

Date: 9 June 2015

Venue: The Swan Hotel, Streatley on Thames




As a seasoned KM practitioner, have you ever taken the time to consider in any real depth what knowledge is? Probably not...

Following on from the huge success of the Autumn 2014 workshop 'Knowing what we know and how we learn' we have decided to hold another exploratory event that will help us to put some deep thought into what we mean by the term 'Knowledge', exploring the phenomenon in greater detail and from a range of philosophical perspectives, so that we are better informed to talk comprehensively with our colleagues when we return to work.

Luc Glasbeek, one of the presenters at the Autumn workshop, has written a thought provoking paper exploring this topic area and will lead us through an interactive exploration of the paper and his ideas though the day.

We will also be joined by Gary Luffman, from 'Think Change Consulting' who will help us to better understand 'The Neuroscience of how the brain works' and what this means for how we create, store & retrieve 'knowledge'.

Barry Jones, from former KIN member organisation BAe Systems, will also share his studies and observations on 'How the gamer learns from video games' and the implications of this for learning and knowledge sharing in a business context.

Throughout the day, we will be encouraging participants to 'Learn through conversation' and will pose 'key questions' at various points, allowing plenty time for open table discussions on these thought provoking topics, following these up with extended Q&A sessions for each presenter.


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