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Forthcoming Workshop

KIN Autumn 2016 Workshop

KIN's 3rd Unconference 'Celebrating 15 years of KIN'

Date: 12th/13th September 2016

Venue: 'Woodside', Glasshouse Lane, Kenilworth, Warwickshire CV8 2AL


KIN's 3rd Unconference 'Celebrating 15 years of KIN'

The Knowledge and Innovation Network (KIN) was established in 2001 by the IKON Research Centre at Warwick Business School and since its creation, the world has changed enormously. This event will reflect on some of the big changes in the world of Knowledge and Innovation since that time and look towards the future to see how the roles and activities will change as organisations adapt to changes in global practices and new ways of working.

As a way of celebrating our fifteen year milestone, we will carry out a qualitative research project into 'The Evolution of Knowledge Management'. In this time, the world has changed immeasurably with societal and technological changes blurring the boundaries between our work and personal lives. Networks in all their forms are everywhere and technology touches every part of our lives and those we interact with, including our customers. We are therefore inviting three long-standing KIN member organisations PwC, Severn Trent Water and The British Council to reflect on the changes they have been through and what this has meant for the role of KM both within and outside their organsations. Yaqi Yang, a student on the WBS MSc Information Systems Management Course will be conducting the research, including interviews with a wide variety of individuals that have shaped organisational learning. Looking at KM initiatives that have had the most impact and sharing the learning on what has worked and what has not worked and why.

At the tenth anniversary event we made some predictions of what the future may hold. As part of the first afternoons' activities, you will be invited to reflect on this and to share your thoughts on the past fifteen years and an exploration of what the future may hold for us all...

The second day of the event will once again follow our popular 'Unconference' format, which will create an opportunity for KIN members to shape the content and approach of the event as we go along. This will follow a basic structure, including the following frameworks and session outlines - the content of each of these will be determined by participants on the day:

  • Member suggestions for appropriate content - Peer assists, Roundtable Discussions and Open Debates
  • Democratic process for selection of key interest areas
  • Members attend at least one peer assist session
  • Members attend a minimum of three Roundtable Discussions or Open Debates
  • Interactive networking exercises


Who should attend?
Learning and Development managers
Knowledge Managers
Communications specialists
Community managers and facilitators
Training specialists
Change managers



"Our goal is to leverage data science in the company without requiring data science skills". Thomas Reichel, VP, KPN (Dutch Telecoms)


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