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KIN Autumn 2015 Workshop

Evidence-based Decision Making

Date: 9/10 September 2015

Venue: Scarman House, Warwick Business School, CV4 7AL


 Does your organisation have a Hippo? Does the 'Highest Paid Person's Opinion' hold sway, or are your operational and policy decisions based on evidence? Experience and gut-feel are immensely important, but how and when should sometimes apparently counter-intuitive evidence be employed? Innovations providing almost free data in huge quantities and real-time now give potentially enormous advantages in decision making. In this highly interactive event, we will consider the skills managers need as well as some amazing decision support tools that will change the way you think about managing knowledge.

As is traditional, we welcome back KIN 'alumni' to the first afternoon of the KIN Autumn Workshop. If you are an ex-KIN member, you would be very welcome to join us. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Wednesday 9th September (afternoon)
IBM - Rob Douglas will demonstrate IBM's Watson Predictive Analytics engine. We will see how simple natural language questions of complex data can provide insight and predict customer behaviour. This will be followed by a series of interactive exercises to test your analytical skill and decision making.

Thursday 10th September
PwC - Adam Sannitt on PwC's e-Discovery tools (KIN Member case-study)
Macmillan Cancer Care - Julie Flynn on how they use evidence to support life-influencing decisions (KIN Member case-study)
Jonathan Shepherd is professor of maxillofacial surgery and director of the violence and society research group at Cardiff University.
Visa Europe - Kamran Ashraf, Vice President and Head of Analytics and Insights.
The College of Policing - Dr Nicky Miller, Research Evidence Partnerships Manager

We will also have a fun, competitive 'experiential learning' exercise; can you tell what's fact and what's not in making your team's decisions?

Who should attend?
Strategy and policy makers
Operational managers
Business analysts
Workflow designers
Knowledge managers
Data analysts (but only if they don't speak geek!)


"Our goal is to leverage data science in the company without requiring data science skills". Thomas Reichel, VP, KPN (Dutch Telecoms)


Contact: Dawn Coton This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 0044 (0)24 7652 4503
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