Knowledge and Innovation Network

Events and Activities

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KIN Workshops

KIN's quarterly Workshops provide a chance for the entire KIN community to get together. KIN Workshops explore the latest thinking and practice being developed and applied as part of KIN's ongoing collaboration work, as well as looking externally to the latest thinking and practice in leading organisations and research institutions.

SIG Activities

In addition to KIN's quarterly workshops, much of the activity happens at Special Interest Group (SIG) level. These are co-ordinated by the SIG  Facilitators, working with the subject matter experts based on demand from practitioners.


This involves collaborative projects to address common business challenges and create Good Practice. An example of this is the creation of a Virtual Team Toolkit, which was developed following member research into Virtual Teams and from gathering approaches, tools and techniques into one toolkit.


This involves research into some of the burning issues facing member organisations. An example of current research is the research into Learning from Practice. This research will look to:

  • understand and document the practices and approaches currently adopted by participating organisations around 'Learning from Practice';
  • survey the relative success in these practices within the organisations, i.e. do the companies learn from practice?
  • explore the determinants for success (and failure) of these practices.

Site Visits

Many of our organisations are leaders in their field in particular aspects of SIGs. We arrange Site Visits to member organisations as well as to organisations outside of KIN to look at their practices.

Education & Training

Education and Training courses and Masterclasses are available to member organisations. An example of this is the 3-day Community of Practice Facilitator training course, which was developed by Orange and has been adapted and made available to KIN member organisations.

Virtual Collaboration

Through the KIN MemberSpace much of the collaboration between members at SIG level is done virtually. This is driven and facilitated by SIG Facilitators.

Good Practice

Where the value is realised from KIN membership is through the application of Good Practice developed by KIN or made available through members of the KIN network.

What is the most useful thing KIN has delivered?

"SNA - A test bed, tools training and an expert to hold my hand. KRT - Different perspective and experiences which I've been able to translate into my organisation."

"This is a brilliant group and other members, such as Mars & Severn Trent are a real inspiration."