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Forthcoming Workshop

KIN Autumn 2017 Workshop

'Now You're Talking' - the language of workplace communication

Date: 20th and 21st September 2017

Venue: Woodside, Kenilworth, CV8 2AL


'Now You're Talking'


The language of workplace communication



The complexity of our organisations, diversity of channels and pace of change is unrelenting. Unless we get the basics of the message right it’s all noise. Having previously looked at ‘Animating Knowledge through Video’ and ‘Making Knowledge Beautiful’ (infographics), for the KIN Autumn Workshop, we focus on the spoken and written word. 

Whilst social media innovation has transformed personalised messaging, there has been little focus in how to, for example, write specifically for screens. Body language significantly affects how know-how is conveyed. This practitioners’ event will be highly participative; a combination of experiential learning, practitioner case-studies and research contributions. 

As is traditional, we will welcome KIN alumni back to participate in the first afternoon of this 1.5 day event.

Presenters include:
Shelley Hoppe, Southerly
Getting attention, information overload, using the right channels/media, personalised communication

Norton Rose Fulbright
Member case study and exercise on Plain English drafting exercises, writing for impact

Journalism skills for non-journalists. Effectively communicating complex ideas. Writing for screens & email

The British Council
KIN member case study by Miriam Viswami, Communications Editor

Shirley Gaston, Azesta
Verbage! Effective and ineffective verbal communication in the workplace. Specificity v abstraction, acronyms, banter and nicknames

Warwick University Psychology Dept
Body language and non-verbal cues

Shelley Hoppe, Southerly
Measuring impact of personal, team and project communications
Who should participate:
Change managers
Strategy leaders
Knowledge and Learning specialists
Communication managers
Project and programme managers



"Our goal is to leverage data science in the company without requiring data science skills". Thomas Reichel, VP, KPN (Dutch Telecoms)


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