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KIN Spring 2017 Workshop

Behavioural Economics

Date: 7th March 2017

Venue: Radcliffe Conference Centre, University of Warwick


Behavioural Economics

Whatever our strategy, learning, knowledge or innovation role, we are all trying to effect change in our organisations. In this workshop we will explore how Behavioural Economics can be used to effect change at an individual level, consciously and subconsciously. Biases, heuristics and intrinsic rewards have significant impact on how individuals respond to requests for change. As well as engaging expert presenters, we will have case studies, peer discussions and an interactive exercise on intrinsic motivation.

Prof. Peter Ayton, Deputy Dean, Social Studies, City University. Peter specialises in behavioural decisions under conditions of risk an uncertainty. He has worked with large organisations such as the BBC and is visiting scholar at UCLA, INSEAD and other major universities.

Greer Gosnell, LSE and Claire Ayton, Virgin Atlantic Airways will jointly present their case study, recently published in HBR. This looked at how Behavioural Economics trials were used to encourage pilots to reduce fuel usage and pollution and came up with empirical evidence as to what techniques work best.

Kiran Sondhi, PwC. Kiran is part of PwC’s employee engagement team and will present how they introduce behavioural change globally, but implement and measure locally.

Fiona Pargeter, UBS. Fiona is an occupational psychologist for UBS and has developed an impressive programme to understand and address unconscious bias in decision-making.

Amy King, The Chemistry Group, will run an experiential learning exercise to demonstrate the power of intrinsic over extrinsic motivation.


Who should attend?
Learning and Development managers
Knowledge Managers
Communications specialists
Community managers and facilitators
Training specialists
Change managers



"Our goal is to leverage data science in the company without requiring data science skills". Thomas Reichel, VP, KPN (Dutch Telecoms)


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