Knowledge and Innovation Network

KIN Aims

  • create relevant new insights in the field of knowledge, innovation and networks through the funding of research into practice.
  • create business value for KIN member organisations by leveraging the network to 'supply' knowledge to meet member 'demand'
  • promote, foster and support collaboration between practitioners, researchers and experts to create new knowledge and practice.


Non-competing members

KIN is unique in that it does not have competitors from the same industry. This has been proven to generate free exchange of knowledge, ideas and experiences between practitioners. Members tell us that this helps ensure that they learn from each other's successes and failures, sharing common approaches and proven good practice.



KIN membership excludes vendors and consultants and does not benefit from sponsorship by any large corporations. This helps to ensure an open and unbiased environment free from attempts to promote products or services that organisational learning practitioners are often subjected to.

"We have had more value from our first 3 months with KIN than we had from 3 years with our previous Organisational learning network"

Nancy Kinder


"The absence of same-sector competitors and of vendors means that real-world issues get openly debated by KIN practitioners. Members drive the agenda and the focus of Special Interest Groups".