Knowledge and Innovation Network

KIN Participants

The KIN team engages business practitioners, researchers and associates in order to meet KIN Aims.

KIN Practitioners

Participants from KIN member organisations include Chief Knowledge Officers, Knowledge Managers and others in senior and line management roles. All practitioners have a common interest or responsibility in applying more effective knowledge and innovation practices to improve organisational performance.

KIN Researchers

Through our direct links to Warwick Business School and the IKON Research Group (IKON) and our extended network, we employ world-class researchers to conduct research with KIN members and other organisations. IKON was formed in 1997 and has a strong track record of producing collaborative research projects with organisations in both the public and private sector.

KIN Associates

In order to ensure KIN remains at the cutting edge of thinking and practice, KIN employs 'Associates' or subject matter experts for each of the Action Learning Groups. Current KIN associates include Richard McDermott (Communities of Practice), Rob Cross (Social Network Analysis), Nick Milton (Learning from Projects),  Carlotta Vollhardt (Knowledge Retention and Transition),  Ian Corbett  and Jenny Ambrozek (New Social Media and Web2). KIN Associates are world leaders in their field.

KIN Team

KIN employs a dedicated team of specialists and facilitators to enable collaboration between individuals in each of the above groups at Action Learning Group level.

Working Knowledge Research Programme

KIN also enjoys a relationship with US based  Babson College, Cambridge, Massachusetts.


In addition to above, KIN invites leading speakers from around the world to present at KIN workshops and events.

"KIN offers an excellent opportunity for us to benefit from high-quality research and learn from the experiences of other organisations as we develop new ways of sharing knowledge".

Ian Goodwin

Small Business Service

"If knowledge sharing is about connecting people to people, people to information and people to tools, then KIN ticks all those boxes. KIN does it in a way that is professional, inspiring, effective and best of all, delivers results for us"

Lesley Parker

NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement