Knowledge and Innovation Network


KIN is the practitioners' network of IKON, the 'Innovation, Knowledge and Organisational Networks' research centre, based at Warwick Business School. IKON carries out funded research projects in the fields of innovation, information technology and organization studies. IKON members help to develop the social science of innovation by applying theoretical perspectives from social and organization theory to team-based empirical studies of the creation, translation and adoption of technological and organizational innovations.


IKON's focus on the social and processual nature of innovative activities spans a range of theoretical perspectives, and this is reflected in current projects.  IKON research has been published in a wide variety of books and journals, including Organization Studies, Journal of Management Studies, British Journal of Management, Human Resource Management Journal, Management Learning, International Studies of Management and Organization and Research Policy.


The IKON network (Director, Professor Jacky Swan) is centred on Warwick Business School in the UK where its members include Dr Davide Nicolini and Professor Harry Scarbrough, but IKON has links to a number of other individuals and institutions in the UK and internationally, including Professor Maxine Robertson (Queen Mary University of London), Professor Mike Bresnen (Manchester), Professor Sue Newell (Bentley College, Boston (USA)), and Dr Anna Goussevskaia (Arizona (USA)).

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Jacky Swan
Jacky Swan