Knowledge and Innovation Network

Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

KIN has developed Special Interest Groups - based on demand - to create good practice through collaboration. Sharing SIG good practice ensures that KIN members realise value in their organisations through improved performance.

The SIGs are supported by Facilitators, Associates and Researchers. Each SIG has practitioners from at least 5 member organisations. Current groups are:

  • Communities of Practice
  • Enabling Technologies
  • Innovation

In addition to workshops and events relating to SIGs, KIN members have private access to KIN MemberSpace, which supports virtual collaboration at SIG level. KIN MemberSpace includes SIG Libraries, Member Profiles, 'Ask a Question', Discussion Fora, online Good Practice and much more.

Special Interest Groups
bring together business practitioners, researchers and world leading experts with a particular interest in that area to create and share good  practice to apply in member organisations.

"I am really enjoying being part of the KIN CoP group. This is a very good networking opportunity to learn about the approach of other organisations in implementing a Communities of Practice programme"

Shirley Britten