Other than being highly beneficial to the world, there are also some disadvantages of technology. We take a look below at the positive and negative impacts of technology on the world.



Here are the Positive Impact of Technological Innovations


Faster Communication Worldwide

One of the most significant improvements of technology is the effectiveness of communication to date. Sitting at home, you can communicate with your close ones from any country of the world. Using the internet, you can either conduct voice calls or video calls. You do not have to write letters to wish your family members a merry Christmas and run the risk that they do not receive it. Nowadays, you can use messaging apps to send and receive messages instantly.

Improvement in Medical Field

Technology has excellent support in the improvement of the medical field. Medical assistance is now readily available. You can conduct any surgery at nearby hospitals. Moreover, the medical field can now easily research for more efficacious pharmaceutical products. Using technological devices, it is possible to have better control of pandemics.

Faster and Safer Banking Experience

The banking system is another sector that is benefitting hugely from the evolution of technology. Sitting on your couch, you are able to verify your bank balance, retrieve statements, transfer money from one account to another, pay your bills, and apply for loans. Queuing long hours at the bank is not vital anymore to conduct a transaction.

Here are the Negative Impact of Technological Innovations

Prey to Hackers and Scammers

Unfortunately, every good thing comes with the bad as well. Since all essential data and information is stored using technological devices, becoming prey to hackers is inevitable. Furthermore, there is also the emergence of scammers who fool people into taking the wrong step on the internet.

Leads to Laziness

Another disadvantage of technology is that people are highly dependent on it. Consequently, there is a lack of physical activity, which leads to laziness and even diseases.